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A kind advise for the visitor: get slow before you get started

For now kussembargo zooms in on clothes, objects, actions. Still, there is other stuff.

Works of kussembargo touch
      the body.
      sculpting and sewing
      moving, finding,
      changing, tearing apart, giving way
      working with the hands
      wild people that aren't always cool
      a beginning and its near future

Material and the 'histories of material' are important. So is transitoriness and presence.
There is affection towards the material. Often an idea starts only because of the very material that has been there. A darling needs a change. Materials are re/worked, put in a relationship to others...people, textures, structures. Marks of making can be sensed. What means alive? Clothes breathe along with their owner. Things are made for certain intents and purposes and not for others. At the end every body wants to be treated good!

kussembargo is Vienna based. If you are interested, feel very invited to contact

"Yes, you stop thinking. And a plan, a fixed objective fades. Beyond it, though, my fingers are still working. I trust my fingers. That's what I want to do."
Yoji Yamamoto

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