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The Elephant In The Room: Queering The KHM While Talking To The Director
Aktion, 90 min. (2022)
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

‘The Elephant in the room' is a metaphorical idiom for an overpowering, important or controversial topic that is personally, socially or politically embarrassing, conflictual or dangerous to address.
Em Schwarzwald embodies this ‘elephant in the room’ in the KHM before meeting director general Sabine Haag for a one-to-one conversation in which she shares with the director general her observations as a queer artist invited to create art within the project "Queering The KHM". Em Schwarzwald adresses her queerfeminist as well as organisational critique in relation to the process.

The material Elephant
The immaterial Elephant
Queering The KHM While Talking To The Director

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